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Digital Marketing & Demand Generation

Our digital marketing services provide a comprehensive growth acceleration strategy for businesses of all sizes. Our team of marketing consulting experts can help you create and optimize your website, develop your branding, create SEO and SEM campaigns, utilize analytics, employ marketing automation and generate demand. We have consulted with start-ups and Fortune 500 companies to achieve success.

Our Services

Our philosophy is creating artistic and growth acceleration synergy with our clients

Business Branding & Website Design

We specialize in creating business branding and website designs that are tailored to our clients' needs. Our experienced team uses the latest web-based technologies to create websites that are SEO friendly, easy to maintain, and easy for clients to update. We can develop websites on popular platforms such as Wordpress, Wix, Squarespace, Impartner, and more.

CRM Sales Operations Consulting

Our Sales Operations and Strategy Consulting services provide you with  experienced CRM strategists and Sales Operation Strategy consultants with unmatched first-hand Executive Leadership and management experience. Our team is lead by a former Fortune 1000 Sales VP with prior experience in start-up companies that successfully went public. Our rounded expertise makes us uniquely qualified to help you evaluate your current sales and business operations strategy to accelerate your company growth.

Day Owl Designs provides an interior decorating and design service that focuses on creating beautiful and unique spaces that are comfortable, stylish, and reflect the character of each individual home. Our services range from full-service space visual planning to professionally sourced furnishings, fabrics, fixtures and accessories, all tailored to your individual style. We work with you to bring your vision to life in a functional and beautiful space. Our experienced team is dedicated to creating a space that you will love and cherish for years to come.

Day Owl Designs has worked with many Texas companies, and homeowners.  We also provide an interior decorating and design service that focuses on creating beautiful and unique spaces that reflect the character of each individual home in the Fort Worth TX (DFW Metroplex) area.

Interior Home Decorating & Design

Client Stories

Achieved industry recognition on establishing new department within a successful B2B SaaS Software company. New Professional Services Department being key change in company strategy going into 2013, and subsequent growth attracted $35 Million in Venture Capital Funding.

Featured Client 1

Championed cross-functional collaboration, securing buy-in for the new  department, creating pivotal marketing materials, optimizing Salesforce sales funnel reporting, elevating opportunity conversion rates.  Spearheaded a team of 8 members and established and staffed a groundbreaking revenue-generating department, “Professional Consulting Services Department”, focused on bridging the sales-support gap to maximize client launch efficiency.

Engagement Overview

Provided market insights and executed a high-impact go-to-market strategy, leading to:

  • +300% growth in client implementation efficiency

  • 82% reduction in time to GO-LIVE 

  • An impressive +80% reduction in churn rate on new accounts.

Spotlight Achievements:

Hired to modernize existing marketing department and assets. Relaunched web presence and automated digital marketing activities/assets for established 30 Year old software /technology development  company. 

Featured Client 3

Led an 8-week corporate website redesign on WordPress and implemented Salesforce CRM and Pardot Marketing Automation system in just 4 months. Transformed and automated the marketing department, overseeing all online and offline marketing, SEO/SEM, PR, social media, and content creation.

Engagement Overview

  • Ensured a 20% increase in PPC conversions and increased CTA (Call-To-Action) by 18% through optimized paid campaigns.

  • Delivered the best results, including a 55% rise in Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs), a 75% lower website bounce rate, 137% longer time on site, and a YoY site traffic surge of 200%.

Spotlight Achievements:

Hired to modernize and automate digital marketing activities/assets for established software/technology company. 

Featured Client 2

Spearheaded staffing, onboarding, and cross-team collaboration, including travel to California HQ for meetings. Recruited by VP of Marketing to address electronic marketing compliance concerns and orchestrated digital demand generation marketing program overhaul. Managed Pardot Marketing Automation implementation and integration with SFDC and implemented attribution modeling.


Engagement Overview

  • Achieved substantial enhancements in email marketing campaigns, significantly boosting open rates, click-through by 207%, and click-to-open ratios by 207%.

  • Streamlined overall processes, leading to immediate revenue growth and market viability in advance of initial public offering (IPO), while facilitating a smooth transition to working with other Austin-based companies.

Spotlight Achievements:

Clients...just to name a few

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