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1921 Historic Airplane Bungalow
Fort Worth TX


2022 / 2023 Project Details

Day Owl Designs worked on a full redesign and renovation project on a home located in the Fairmount Historic District in Fort Worth Texas.  This historic craftsman home was built in 1921, and owned by Valentine Meriwether Bowdre, who was the brother of the infamous Charlie Bowdre (member of Billy the Kids Gang).

Over the course of the last 100 years, this home had been renovated to the styles at that time (50's, 70's, 80's) with some elements of the original floor plan changed.  What is known is that the 2nd story remains with mostly the original floor plan layout, original porch was enclosed 50+ years ago, and additional sqft were added 50+ years ago extending the footprint of the current location of the master suite bathroom and current kitchen location.

Based on research on craftsman floor plans of the era (specific to airplane bungalows aka "aeroplane" bungalows) and other homes built during the 20's located in Texas, we have made an educated guess that the original kitchen would have been located directly off the original dining room to the right side of the house (current location of dressing room off of the master suite bedroom).

Design and decorating elements were chosen based on the character of the house, and to bring back historical design inspired visuals of times gone by.  This project page will be updated soon with additional details on the project and history of home.

Before & Afters



Project (during design)